In the last few years, most writers, bloggers, and social media consultants have welcomed Twitter into their hearts.

But because they are recent converts, few know that Twitter has actually be around for quite some time.  If you read closely, you’ll see in Genesis 1 that God created Twitter on the 3rd day, right after “dry land” (He knew His Blackberry couldn’t send and receive important tweets if it was wet).

Biblical Tweets are the messages traded back and forth between Israelites, Sadducees, Gentiles, Philistines, and even Jesus himself.

We’ve finally cultivated them into one location.  Now the rest of the Judeo-Christian world can welcome Twitter into their hearts.

Go, in peace.

About the Creators of Biblical Tweets

Self-proclaimed Biblical scholars Alec McNayr & Alan Beard have been working as writers, designers, and social media creators for quite some time.  They’ve read the Bible, and they’ve used Twitter, so it seemed like a no-brainer.

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